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Mission and Philosophy

It is the mission of the Domus Corporation to provide a broad range of housing and housing-related support services to persons in need within the Archdiocese of Newark in accordance with the teachings and tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. Domus' programs are built upon the following principles:

  • Permanence and affordability. Increase the availability of housing to low-income individuals while using all available rent subsidy programs to increase affordability.
  • Safety and comfort. Residents should feel safe and secure. All safety concerns are promptly addressed and residents feel they have some collective control over their environment.
  • Accessible services. Support services should help ensure stability and maximize self-sufficiency. Housing stability is a basic and primary goal.
  • Empowerment and independence. Residents are involved in the management of the project. Participation in tenant councils are encouraged.
The following standards support our housing services philosophy:
  1. People have a right to safe, affordable housing; housing is a choice, not a placement.
  2. Domus has an explicit strategy for the delivery of services that is consistent with agency philosophy, client needs and preferences, and ethical standards for service provision.
  3. Domus focuses on fostering positive relationships with tenants and actively seeks their input in decision making.
  4. The Agency works in unison with the community to gain support and successfully integrate tenants into local activities.
  5. Services are are user-friendly, driven by client needs and individual goals and provided in a safe and supportive environment where crises are minimized.
  6. Domus consistently and effectvively responds to emergencies and provides follow-up support to staff and clients.
  7. Domus maintains adequate documentation of services delivered in compliance with all funding requirements, statutes, and professional standards.
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